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Jackie Robinson Air Max 270

Jackie Robinson Air Max 270

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The Jackie Robinson Air Max 270 is the perfect addition to any sneaker collection.  Not only do they look great, but they honor one of baseball’s greatest legends – Jackie Robinson.  With customized art on each shoe, you can show off your unique style and love for those who have fought for civil liberties everywhere.

One side displays Jackie in full stride and the other shows him sliding into second; both images are a symbol of his never ending drive and resilience to make it through injustice, but still remain a hero in every sense of the word.  Not just for baseball fans, these shoes can be worn by anyone knowledgeable about or supportive of Black Lives Matter, social justice and civil rights movements or anyone looking for some motivation to keep pushing themselves.  It's true what they say about "when Jackie joined the Dodgers it changed more than just baseball," this style brings that same innovative spirit everywhere you go.

Crush goals with these classic shoes while at the same time honoring an American icon whose hard work pushed boundaries to create history.  These exclusive Nike Air Max 270s will make you light up with pride inside and out - own them today!

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