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Sho'Nuff vs. Bruce Leroy | Ali-Frazier Edition | Converse

$126.99 Regular price $149.00
SizeM 3.5 / W 5.5

Step into history with these Converse inspired by the epic The Last Dragon and the legendary Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier boxing match. Featuring dynamic artwork of Sho'Nuff and Bruce Leroy posed as fighters, these shoes are a must-have for aficionados of martial arts films and boxing history.

Ideal for collectors and fans of iconic sports and cinema moments, these sneakers make a striking statement. Gift these unique sneakers for special occasions. Celebrate the fusion of 1980s martial arts and classic boxing with this exclusive footwear.

These unique Converse blend the thrilling worlds of The Last Dragon and boxing legends, showcasing Sho'Nuff and Bruce Leroy in a style reminiscent of the famous Ali-Frazier showdown. A perfect gift for enthusiasts of film and boxing history, these shoes offer both style and a piece of pop culture.

*Shoes come with both red and yellow laces. 

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Sho'Nuff vs. Bruce Leroy | Ali-Frazier Edition | Converse

$126.99 Regular price $149.00