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Fist of Knowledge | Canvas Wall Art

Fist of Knowledge | Canvas Wall Art

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In an effort broad and deep,
Histories of courage, we do keep.
Hampton, Tubman, Mandela stand,
A fist of power, a statement, a demand.

King, Davis, Parks, and Douglass reside,
Their strength within, can't be denied.
Malcolm X, his spirit persistent,
In this masterpiece, their legacy's consistent.

Like Hughes, we spin a tale,
Of struggles mighty, resistance hale.
In colors bold, their essence alive,
Their will for justice continues to thrive.

Product Highlights:
- Skillfully designed on a matte canvas, showcasing intense and rich colors.
- Framed in profile radial pine, conscientiously sourced from renewable forests.
- Features pre-installed back hanging for effortless placement and display.
- An exceptional blend of art and sustainability, this piece speaks to our dedication to the environment and the power of creative expression.

Embark on a journey through the chapters of history, honoring the relentless pursuit of equality and justice, with our 'Canvas of Courage.'
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