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Colin Kaepernick Shoes | I'm With Kap Kicks | Converse

Colin Kaepernick Shoes | I'm With Kap Kicks | Converse

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The Converse Back and White "I'm With Kap" supports Colin Kaepernick's activism and passion for social justice in a stylish way. You no longer have to choose between style and supporting civil rights and causes affecting the Black community—now you can do both!

These ultimate kicks combine contemporary design with traditional inspiration, taking influence from the 1968 Olympics while creating something completely unique. Nowadays, showing your beliefs is an incredibly powerful statement of solidarity.  So, why not express that power through your kicks?  Not only will these sneakers accentuate any outfit, but they'll also let everyone know where you stand.

Whether you're a passionate basketball fan or Sneakerhead caring about social justice, equality, BLM or free speech – these are the perfect blend of sportswear and activism. So don't miss out on this must-have item.  Pick up your pair of Converse Sneakers "I'm With Kap" today!

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