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Bruce Leroy "The Glow" | Converse

Bruce Leroy "The Glow" | Converse

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Introducing the eye-catching, one of a kind Bruce Leroy "The Glow" High Top Converse! If you are a fan of the iconic Last Dragon movie, this limited edition sneaker is a must have for your footwear collection. Featuring an exclusive black and gold design inspired by Bruce's iconic "Glow," these unique sneakers are sure to turn heads on the street and be the envy of all your friends.

The dynamic detailing takes them from everyday chic to classic, making them perfect for any occasion. With its stylish appeal, this shoe is ideal for any converse collector or Sneakerhead looking for a distinct look. And, with its eye-catching color scheme, it even makes a great gift for die hard fans of The Last Dragon movie! Get that illuminating vibe with the Bruce Leroy "The Glow" Converse!

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