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Androo's Art

Ali Hands | Limited Edition Nike AF1

Ali Hands | Limited Edition Nike AF1

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Unleash the hero inside of you with these must-have, limited edition Ali Hands Nike AF1 sneakers.  Whether you're a sports fan, a boxing enthusiast, or a Sneakerhead looking for something new and uniquely special, this design is sure to please.  Featuring Ali's fist and hand along with his signature, these custom art sneakers let you express your own unique sense of style as you take creativity to the next level - after all, there's no one quite like "The Greatest".

For those on a budget looking for something more economical, our Sneaker Source option lets you send in your own pair of Air Force Ones for customization at drastically reduced prices – now we're talking! Upgrade your shoe collection in the most economic way imaginable by adding this amazing original design to your wardrobe – show off your authentically personal touch!

Get ready to make a serious statement: it's time to claim these limited edition Ali Hands Nike Air Force Ones and upgrade everyone else’s look with yours!

By selecting "I'll Send 'Em" as the Sneaker Source option, you can send in your own pair of Air Force Ones and have them customized with this amazing design, saving you more than half the price.  With these "Art" Force One, you can make the perfect pair of shoes that are as unique as you are.  For the first time ever, you can customize your Air Force Ones and save money, all at the same time!

Before sending your Nike AF1s to Androo's Art, please make sure they are in a new or "like new" condition and are authentic. If the sneakers do not meet these requirements, our customer support team will contact you with further options.
To send your authentic AF1s, please select the "I'll Send 'Em" option for Sneaker Source and use the address below:
Androo's Art
22123 Legendre Rd
Richmond, TX 77407
If you have any questions, please chat with us and we'll be happy to assist.
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