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My poem, How To Make America Great, is black art. I've written it in response to what I see happening in my country. African American Art is rich and comes in may forms. We read black art.  We admire it. We sing and dance it.  We even wear black art.  So how do we make America Great? How do we reach that ideal state? It's about more than words.
How to Make America Great


How to Make America Great?

Denounce injustice and inequality against every race.

Make fair and equal the punishment for every face,

Heal not hurt, truth not lies. Love not hate.


What makes us great is not power or ego.

It’s not broken laws and all the lies we know.

No life changing policy orchestrated just for show.

If only ours leaders would listen, learn, and work and grow.


How to Make America Great?

Put God first, employ love, put away hate.

Truly honor the rights that our constitution states.

Honor God, life, and liberty—for the soul of our nation is at stake.


God must be the one we seek.

Not power, nor constitutional rights proclaimed by the weak.

Not an idea or abstract or the wealth of Wall Street.

God must rule our country, our land, not politicians or twits of the tweet.


How to Make America Great?

Make the flag about love not hate.

Make it the rallying call of a people of faith,

A symbol of hope for all, no matter what state.


God is our hope and His will is good.

He loves America—the city, the suburbs, and the hood,

All colors of skin, the rich, the poor and misunderstood.

America, put God first, practice justice and mercy as we should.


How to Make America Great?

Make it about people and not the color of a face.

Make it about everyone having a home—their very own place.

Make every boy and girl, man and woman feel safe.

Make it about fairness for all no matter the race.


How to Make America Great?

Make it about trust, truth, and unwavering faith.

Make it about love and denounce the hate.

Make the city, the country, the suburbs and the hood safe.

Make it about a United people—every red, white, and blue state.


“O Lord, you have made our nation great; yes, you have made us great. You have extended our borders, and we give you the glory!

Isaiah 26:15 NLT

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Veronica Williams

This is beautifully written and inspires the soul. It should order our steps with GOD leading the way! Can you order the poem with the shirt? Would be awesome! Blessings…..

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