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Pete Rose AJ1 "Rose Gold"

Pete Rose AJ1 "Rose Gold"

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Experience exclusivity like never before with our limited edition Air Jordan 1 Mid "Banned" featuring custom art of the legendary "Hit King", Pete Rose. This isn't just any sneaker; it's a wearable masterpiece crafted with precision and passion.

Key Features & Benefits...

Signature Touch: Elevate your collection with a pair personally signed by Pete Rose, merging sports history with sneaker culture.

Gilded Excellence: Adorned with paint infused with 99% pure, 24K gold, adding a touch of opulence to your stride.

Exclusivity Guaranteed: This special edition is only available for purchase until August 14th. Once the deadline hits, no more pairs will be produced, ensuring your shoes are part of a finite and unique collection.

Assured Authenticity: Rest easy knowing your purchase is genuine. Each pair comes with a JSA certificate, a widely recognized assurance of authenticity.

Digital Authenticity via NFT: In this digital age, we take authenticity a step further. Each pair is paired with its own unique NFT, allowing you to verify its originality and lineage.

Engage with Collectors: Our innovative NFT catalog, accessible on our website, allows collectors to showcase or entertain offers on their collected pair, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts. Plus, for those who value discretion, collectors can maintain anonymity, ensuring privacy in all dealings.

Step into the world of elite sneaker collecting with this Air Jordan 1 Mid "Rose Gold" and celebrate the unparalleled legacy of Pete Rose, as envisioned by Androo.

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