Justified - Colin Kaepernick & GQ- Unisex Hoodie

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Standing up for justice when it isn't popular or cool is not an easy thing to do.  Colin Kaepernick gave up the game he grew up loving and his dream of playing in the NFL to raise awareness and draw attention to the fact that unarmed black men, women, and children are being gunned down unjustly in this country that we and most of the world considered to be the best one to live in.  I'm proud of GQ magazine for their courage in honoring Colin Kaepernick as the "Citizen of the Year".  I believe that this award is completely - Justified.

Don't think of this as a hoodie...it's art apparel!

All prints are done on Hanes brand 90% cotton hoodies.  The pre-shrunk hoodies are a soft cotton, instantly loved by those who wear it.