Colin Kaepernick Wall Art | Stand By Sitting | Featuring Rosa Parks | BLM | Modern Chrome Wall Art

Make a show stopping statement! Our new Chrome Wall Art made of Aluminum Metal brings even more life to Androo's Artwork. The metallic surface reflects light and color which makes every photo look iridescent. Photos simply can't capture just how vibrant the Art becomes. Order a print to see it for yourself today! We hope you love our newest addition as much as we do! 

 Colin Kaepernick is taking a stand by refusing to stand. Many people are upset with him, but his message is as American as America itself. An American founding father, Patrick Henry, once said, "Give me liberty or give me death." Colin Kaeperinck is actually saying "Justice for all and I'll stand." I think it's a fair request. This situation made me consider what happened in the past...Rosa Parks is a hero to many people today, but she was once considered a "trouble maker," not a "real American," etc. I think that if Rosa Parks and Dr. King were alive today, they would take the side of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. I was inspired to create this piece because it pains me when people that look just like me are killed and the majority of Americans are not outraged. Change is not comfortable, but it is necessary. His courage is an inspiration and if you are truly an American, you would understand what he is doing.  If we just stand and repeat words without being concerned if they ring true with every American, then we are part of the problem that has plagued this country for over 400 years. The solution is to listen to one another and have compassion for people regardless if they look like us or not. Love is the real solution.