Black Lives Matter Mask | Face Cover

Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, Emmitt Till, Civil Rights, Protest, Freedom, Equality, Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Malcolm X

When will the killings stop? Another unarmed African American man killed on camera, by police! George Floyd is not the first to suffer death at the hands of the police in America--he is merely the latest. When will justice prevail? When will African American men be able to walk the streets without fear of death? When will there be justice for us--for all? When will white America realize that Black Lives Matter? It is a shame that we are still fighting the fight fought by
Martin Luther King, Jr, Angela Davis, Malcolm X and so many others?  

This is a two-ply face mask. The inner layer is 100% cotton for comfort, and the outer layer is 100% polyester. 
Machine wash cold.

Disclaimer** not intended to be used as a medical-grade face mask.

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