Houston Sheltie Sanctuary

The Houston Sheltie Sanctuary is an organization that is run by people with the highest level of integrity. 

They offer a safety net to Shelties who need their services, including providing rescue to Shelties in shelters, assistance to finders of lost dogs, and support to owners who find they can no longer keep their dogs. They provide the dogs in their program with appropriate veterinary care and behavioral rehabilitation before eventually rehoming them into loving forever homes, or, for those too old or too ill to be rehomed, caring for them in foster homes for the remainder of their lifetimes. It is a mission about which they are passionate.

We hope that you will share in that mission and support them by purchasing a limited edition t-shirt, tote, or pair of shoes.  A portion of all proceeds directly benefit Shelties in need. 

 Also, don't think of this as just a t-shirt... It's art apparel! All prints are done on Next Level brand 100% cotton shirts. The pre-shrunk shirts are a soft cotton, instantly loved by those who wear it.

Thanks for supporting The Houston Sheltie Sanctuary!

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